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Human-Garment Level Pet Wears

It's always our pets who teach us the unconditional love, just like our families.

Therefore our pet clothes are not just about fashion; it's about celebrating the special bond between us, and ensuring that they are really enveloped in the warmth, love, and luxury they deserve.

Every stitch, every fabric choice, and every design detail is infused with the intention to provide the utmost comfort, while also allowing them to stay sleek.

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Our Material Says It All

At Sleek, we go above and beyond by selecting materials that are not only of premium quality but also comparable to those used in human clothing or even infant garments. From highly breathable organic cotton, to lightweight yet durable nylon, we understand the importance of providing the utmost comfort for your beloved pets. That's why we meticulously source fabrics that are really providing enough function and comfort.

Tailored for Slimmer Body Shapes

Better Fitting is Necessary

The truth is that most pet clothes are designed for general body shapes, which can be extremely uncomfortable and ill-fitting for slimmer dogs like Whippets and Italian Greyhounds. This is why Sleek dedicates to offering tailored garments that provide the perfect fit, ensuring both comfort and style.

Timeless & Classic Style

Style That Never Goes Out of Fashion

Fashion trends may come and go, but true style endures. That's why we carefully curate our designs to embody a classic aesthetic that transcends passing fads. By choosing timeless designs, we ensure that your dog's clothing remains relevant and stylish for years to come.


Much More Are Needed

Unlike typical pet clothes that offer only basic t-shirts or tops, Sleek stands out by providing a wide range of clothing options exclusively tailored for slimmer dogs. Our collection goes beyond the ordinary, offering waterproof rain jackets, windproof knitted hats and more , fulfilling both functional and movement needs. We believe in combining style and functionality is the core. And ensuring your slim-bodied companion has the perfect attire for any occasion is the spirit of Sleek's products.

  • Sarah T. ★★★★★

    So cute, so well-fitting, so creative. This garment is a feat of engineering; we are impressed! Customer service is very friendly and helpful. Thank you Sleek.

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  • Sophia L. ★★★★★

    He looks warm comfy. Love it . Got so many compliments already.

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  • Michael R. ★★★★★

    Wonderful quality, fast delivery and very nice design. Very Professional Shop from that I will definitely order again.

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  • Olivia M. ★★★★★

    My girl loved it ! It's so soft and cosy. We'll come back for more.

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  • Ethan W. ★★★★★

    Love this active wear coat for my baby! Fits him perfectly and the weight is very nice and trust he will be cozy during our daily walks all winter long.

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  • Ava A. ★★★★★

    fits perfectly! will keep my little guy warm

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